Past Work


Supply Tha Skillz Event in Anchorage, Alaska. 2013.

Cyphers Blackbook Battle 2013.

Indigenous Boom Box & Graffiti Art Show, 2017.

ASU’s Urban Sol, 2017.

Honest Expression Hip Hop Jam, 2018.

Indigenous Boom Box & Art Show on Salt River Pima Reservation, 2018.

United Artists’ Collaboration with The Woodland Historic District, 2018.

Downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row, 2018.

Nightcaps Livstream @ Coflo, 2021.



Grand Avenue Records Vinyl Art Collection. Grand Avenue Arts District, AZ 2016.

Heart Speaks: The Jukebox Groundz Fundraiser 2018

MZK’s Graffiti Show: Burning Season 2018. 

Open House LA x ACE/121 “Common-Unity ART SHOW” 2019.

Trill’s Box Truck Slap Show, 2019.

Breakin Rules Rockin’ Walls, 2019.

Trill’s Box Car Slap Show, 2020.



The South Bound Jam, 2017. (Wood piece / Skatedeck Trophy)  

 The Invite: 2v2 Hip-Hop/House Contest”, 2018. (Wood piece / Skatedeck Trophy)  

 “Sour Patch Crew 20 Year Anniversary”. 2018 (Wood piece / Skatedeck Trophy)  

Katalyst 1v1 FREESTYLE Jam, 2019. (Live Painting, Canvas Trophy)

Worth The Weight 14 Jam, Heavy Weights, 2021. (Trophy)

State vs State Jam, Krump Jam, 2021 (Trophy)



ASU’s Urban Arts program, “What You Write 3.0” 2018

Youth Development Institute, Art session for at risk youth.  2018

The Jukebox Grounds, Art sessions for all creatives. 2018