About Rohs

The name is ROHS (pronounced as the word "rows"). This is not going to be an elaborate story of who I am... You can get that story when you decide to sit down and buy me a cup of coffee. 

This message is a simple courtesy. 

I am a woman of color. I acknowledge graff came from hip-hop which is rooted from black culture. This form of expression has been with me for over two decades. I simply want to write my name as many different ways as possible. I want to bring simple letters to life with colors and style. I want to push my artistry as far as I can go by any means necessary. I want to inspire people to explore their own creativity and express themselves however they see fit.

www.ROHSONE.com is personal passion project. 

I design, create, maintain, ship, hustle, and fund all the parts. 100% independent with no sponsorships. This website exists to simply share my work for those who appreciate and want to support it. 

By the way, the fact that you made it this far without leaving is already the best kind of support. So thank you for reading up and I appreciate you taking the time to do so! 

Thank you!